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Social Sciences About 13 Dimensions evolved out of a field of thought that included spiritual concepts and ideas that emanate from the conscious mind.

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The mind itself, and the state of consciousness humans find themselves in, is integral to mental single hamburger shake shack and wellbeing, therefore, there is a focus on the mind and consciousness as it relates to psychology, psychotherapy, and the pursuit of happiness.

There is much that is unseen or still unknown in our world, yet as time progresses, more is single hamburger shake shack discovered in the field of science, so this has formed another part of the path pursued by the website. The universe has fascinated man for eons, so astronomy, cosmology and UFO's are included in the categories.

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It was felt that a place was needed that brought together divergent interests such as politics and government, economics and banking, technology, and the impact this has had on the Earth's climate and ecosystems. The founders believe in objectivity, supported by research and reference material where appropriate, and as a result, information shared on the website strives to be balanced and unbiased, but informative. It is hoped the reader will leave the website having gained further knowledge about a subject of their interest.

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