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Abstract Gerhard-Henrik Armauer Hansen, a Norwegian scientist, discovered Mycobacterium leprae as the causative organism for leprosy, defying the hereditary affliction theory of the disease. He was born in Bergen, Norway in in a Danish family.

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After acquiring his medical degree in from the University of Oslo, he joined as an assistant physician in a leprosy hospital in Bergen. Inhe published his report claiming leprosy to be an infectious disease with a description of the infectious material in leprous tissue.

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His conviction of belief and an unstinted devotion to a lifetime of scientific research changed the way leprosy was approached as a disease. It dating bergen norway the fruit of his untiring work that the amended act of was passed, which resulted in steady decline in dating bergen norway burden in Norway. In February he breathed his last, leaving behind an inspirational story of a brave heart scientist who fought all odds to unveil the truth for the benefit of mankind.

Keywords: Discovery of M. Leprae, hansen, norway What was known?

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Hansen's disease, another name for leprosy, is named after Gerhard-Henrik Armauer Hansen dating bergen norway discovered the Lepra bacilli, the causative organism for leprosy, thus disproving the hereditary affliction theory.

Pleased with the answer, the professor insisted on hearing a little more than just the name from his students. But as much as we struggled to connect a few disjointed words like Norway, leprosy and bacilli to this name, none of us really knew dating bergen norway history well enough for a narration.

The rest of the lecture focused mainly on clinical skills and basics of leprosy knowledge. But the untold story of Hansen that singles bad doberan, kept lurking at the back of my mind and the large portrait on the wall was a like a bookmark that urged me to turn the pages of history, every time I walked past Dr. Hansen in the canvas.

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As I sought to know more, I found a fascinating story of a brave heart scientist who was very justifiably famous as the discoverer of the leprosy bacilli, and a man who dedicated a lifetime of scientific research towards transforming one of the great scourges of mankind to an understandable and treatable disease. The story dates back to in Bergen, a small town in the west of Norway.

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Elizabeth Concordia Schram and Mr. Claus Hansen, on the July 29th. Dating bergen norway exceptional research talent acquired his degree with honours in After completing his internship, he served as a community doctor in Lofoten, a small Norwegian fishing village in dating seiten senioren Norway, for a year. But as destiny had it planned, Hansen returned to his people in Bergen in the year It was estimated that in the s, roughly two individuals per thousand in Norway were afflicted with leprosy, but the prevalence dating bergen norway Bergen was as much as 25 per thousand.

Daniel Cornelius Danielssen and Dr.

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Danielssen was especially considered as the foremost authority in leprosy scientific research and the guiding force behind all public health efforts dating bergen norway combat leprosy, not only in Norway but entire Europe. He however was a staunch believer of the concept of hereditary affliction of leprosy, supported by the rest of the medical fraternity of his time.

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But as we all know today, history was yet to be written, and written differently. However absurd the theory of hereditary transmission of leprosy sounds today, one cannot deny Dr. Daniel Cornelius Danielssen's contribution in the fight against leprosy.

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It was to his credit that Bergen was made the epicenter of leprosy research. Danielssen, a young and inquisitive Hansen travelled with him all across Norway to study the disease, collect pathological samples from the lepers and research relentlessly to finally come to a revolutionary conclusion that challenged Dr. Danielssen's theory of hereditary transmission.

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