Single borna

Carmine with nice double contour of the inner circle, with North German Postal District single circle.

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Krug BPP 1 Gr. Large shield carmine with single circle.

single borna

Alsace Er ist mit einer 1 Gr. Oscar Drumm, Mulhouse German Reichthis was to the postage saving this world the border of the German Reichspost hand over.

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He is with a 1 Gr. Stamp, the postage for domestic letters franked.

These was at destination with the horseshoe cancel "Mulhouse i. Der Brief war zuerst nur mit 1 Gr.

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Austaxierung " 1 1" und "2". Vollständiger Briefinhalt, eine Marke Zahnfehler 1 Gr.

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The letter was at first only with 1 Gr. Franked and was then with a further 1 Gr. Additional franked, appropriate From estimate" 1 1" and "2".

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MOSEL single borna. Kuvert und Single borna oben leichte Tönung.

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Envelope and stamps above light tint. Carmine, with interesting printing variety "the outside circle is as printing poor imitation to the right above shifted. Rose with clear, long white scratch in the lower picture frame and above splited "I" in "imperial", single borna a single franking on envelope with clear Prussia framed cancel of 3 lines "holm government district POTSDAM

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