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The Colons have established their legacy mostly in Puerto Rico.

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But are known in the States as well. While growing up in the poor part of Santa Isabel, Carlos Colon was one of seven children, he and his family migrated to Brooklyn in He admired wrestlers such as Antonino Rocca and Miguel Perez. He became a member at the gym where they trained at.


They taught him wrestling holds and in return he'd clean the gym to pay his dues. He was paid fifteen U.

In der Halle selber finden sich zahlreiche Wrestler als Gäste ein, Fans sind in den oberen Rängen ebenfalls erlaubt. Wie läuft die Veranstaltung ab?

Carlos Colon's nemesis was Abdullah the Butcher. Their rivalry would spill out into two decades of bloody battles.

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Colon has stated, "Eighty percent of the blood I've shed, I've shed a the hands of Abdullah. His title reign was not made official, because it never made it on NWA television.

He dropped the title back to Flair on January 23, He officially retired on July 19, at Aniversario Colon has two daughters, Stacy and Melissa.

every single wwe hall of famer

He debuted in his father's company, World Wrestling Council. He competed against Christian Cage at Aniversario on July 13, The match ended in a double disqualification.

Carlito Colon Carlito was born on February 21, Carlito has been involved in several angles which involved the WWE Championship.

every single wwe hall of famer

Every single wwe hall of famer made his WrestleMania debut at WrestleMania Both men met at Backlash where Carlito defeated Masters after an assist from the ropes. Carlito turned heel and feuded with Flair again.

Ramon called Carlito a rip off of his character, as a way to promote the match and called Carlito, Mini Razor. Carlito defeated Razor Ramon with the Backstabber.

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He lost to Triple H at Unforgiven where the no disqualification rule only applied to him and not Triple H. Carlito was drafted to Smackdown in the Supplemental draft.

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He asked for vacation time and attended his father's official retirement ceremony at Aniversariowhere he wrestled against Ray Gonzalez. They are the first real brothers to win the titles since The Hardys.

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Fact: Carlito's mother, Nancy, is Canadian. The Colons will indeed be one of the wrestling family dynasties to leave it's mark on the business whether it's Carlito and Primo's high flying abilities or Carlos Colon's blood drenched battles with Abdullah the Butcher.