Dating harder than ever

I really do not understand how people are successfully dating and finding partners.

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Is it normal playing some ridiculous games, like leaving you on read, not texting for a few days after spending a day together if it was so horrible, why did you stay then so long thenetc. And maybe after this, they might tell you 'i don't want a relationship' probably thinking that all the girls in dating harder than ever world want a relationship with them.

I don't get why the key to all of this is not be in love, but to be as 'the coolest' as possible. I just don't even understand a purpose of these games - if dating harder than ever like someone - tell and spend time together?

dating harder than ever

I still know very few couples that have met in Berlin and stayed together in a happy relationship. I almost do not see this happening.

dating harder than ever

I just have a feeling that everyone is waiting for something else better to appear that is why the young population between 20 and 40 just behaves like teenagers. And makes me very sad.

dating harder than ever

Why finding someone who simply wants to hang out with dating harder than ever, eating pizza, going to museums and cinemas and maybe after all MAYBE building a long-term relationship should be so complicated?

It is not only my opinion to this, I know a lot of pretty and smart girls, who feel the same as I.

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