Single mum berlin, “Angela Merkel was very brave”

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A single parent in Berlin Content A single parent in Berlin The year-old Syrian woman now works as a free journalist and would single mum berlin to become politically active in Germany too Image: Privat Single-parent mothers and fathers need a great deal of energy, creativity and resilience, especially when they flee from a war zone and have to gain a foothold in a foreign country.

Medea Daghstani and her daughter Zia came to Germany in After her asylum application was approved, she moved from her first reception centre in Meiningen to Berlin.

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Medea Daghstani would now like to become politically active in Germany too. At some point, Medea Daghstani would like to work for a non-profit organisation that supports the political ambitions of women.

The qualified teacher participated in demonstrations against the regime when she was still living in Homs. However, Medea Daghstani and her child moved to Turkey after her house was attacked several times and when she lost her position at a school.

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There, she worked for international NGOs single mum berlin organised training for Syrian bloggers and activists. I did not want to get stuck in Turkey with her not having papers. That is why we came to Germany.

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At the moment, they are swotting the genitive. And the year-old works as a freelance journalist. Just like her compatriots, the single mother likes to meet with friends, especially single mum berlin Kreuzberg bars and cafes.

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She attends an international elementary school, plays chess and piano, dances and practices taekwondo. Medea Daghstani has not had any trouble in Germany.

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She only needed to get used to German bureaucracy.