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The relevant quantities are most often surface variables such as tem- perature, precipitation and wind.

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Climate in a wider sense is the state, including a statistical description, of the climate system. Climate change may be due to nat- ural internal oppenheimer single k loan or external forcings such as modulations of the solar cycles, volcanic eruptions and persistent anthropogenic changes in the composition of the atmosphere or in land use.

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The UNFCCC thus makes a distinction between climate change attributable to human activities altering the atmospheric composition and climate variability attributa- ble to natural causes. See also Detection and Kostenlose partnersuche südtirol. Oppenheimer single k loan negative feedback is one in which the initial perturbation is weakened by the changes it causes; a positive feedback is one in which the initial perturbation is enhanced.

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In either case, the initial perturbation can either be externally forced or arise as part of internal variability. It can be calculated as the difference of the net present values of the two projects.

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Incremental investment The extra capital required for the initial investment for a mitigation or adaptation project in comparison to a reference project.

This covers private and public funds.

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Most of the funds provided are concessional loans and grants. Climate model spectrum or hierarchy A numerical representation of the climate system based on the phys- ical, chemical and biological properties of its components, their inter- actions and feedback processes and accounting for some of its known properties.

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Coupled Atmosphere—Ocean General Circulation Models AOGCMs provide a representation of the climate system that is near or at the most com- prehensive end of the spectrum currently available.

There is an evo- lution towards more complex models with interactive chemistry and biology. Climate models are applied as a research tool to study and simulate the climate and for operational purposes, including monthly, seasonal and interannual climate predictions.

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