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This document assumes the reader will be using a To get everyone on the same page with terminology USB memory stick, flash drive, key, stick, and pen single thumb drive mean the same thing.

I will be using USB stick in this article.

  • What Is the Purpose of a USB Flash Drive? | It Still Works
  • What Is the Purpose of a USB Flash Drive? | It Still Works
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  • Also known as flash drives, USB sticks and thumb drives, the USB flash drive may be one of your smallest computer peripherals but offers assistance in big ways.
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Flash Memory Technology: The memory chip, with the controller chip, is the most important element of a memory card. The memory chip is based on the flash memory technology which is solid-state, non-volatile and single thumb drive. Solid-State means it contains no moving parts and therefore is immune to mechanical failures and damages from movements and vibrations. It also operates completely silent with a zero decibel noise level.

Non-Volatile flash memory stores bits of information in memory cells made of silicon wafers which do not require power to retain information when power is turned off.

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In general flash memory functions like RAM memory and a hard disk drive combined. It stores digital data in memory cells like the RAM memory, and stores information like a hard disk drive when the power is single thumb drive off.

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In comparison to other storage media flash memory offers superior features such small form factor, high degree of durability, high degree of reliability, low power consumption and high transfer speed. Based on that flash memory technology is ideal for use in USB sticks.

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The only disadvantage is the manufacturing cost, which is higher compared to hard disk drives, CDs and DVDs. NAND flash memory is ideal for memory card's because is less expensive and can accommodate more storage capacity in the same die size.

Everything You Need On One USB Flash Drive

Memory card manufactures are using different NAND technologies for either boasting the single thumb drive card's performance or for decreasing the memory card's manufacturing costs. The Single-Level Cell technology is used to boast the memory card's performance while the rest are used for decreasing manufacturing costs.

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The most used technology of them all is the Multi-Level Cell. A Single-Level Cell, SLC, memory card stores one bit in each cell, leading to faster transfer speeds, lower power consumption and higher cell endurance.

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Based on that, the SLC flash technology is used in high-performance memory cards. By storing more bits per cell, a Multi-Level Cell memory card will achieve slower transfer speeds, higher power consumption and lower cell endurance than a Single-Level Cell memory card.

The advantage of Multi-Level Cell memory card is the lower manufacturing costs.